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Our Services

These are the services we provide, these makes us stand apart.


A nasal wash with medicated oil, it unclogs pores in the noise and is excellent for sinusits, migraine, other chromic headaches and similar diseases.


A dry massage using herbal powder paste that is very effective for obesity and weight loss and also inproves mobility of joints and strengthens muscles.


Ayurvedic treatment using muslin boluses made up of heated oils, herbs and powders used for purification and relaxation. It is helpful in treating muscular pain.


Herbal leaves applied to the whole body in boluses with hot medicated oils. A very good treatment for all types of arthritis, rreducing its aches and pains.

Our Products

Arishtam & Asavas

These are easily assimilating quick acting and stimulating Tonics. Powdered medicines mixed with pure honey, Sugar and Jaggery are added to boiled and cooled water / decoction and this is kept for a period of not less than one month for fermentation and later filtered to be ready for use.

Thailams & Kuzhambu

As a mechine needs lubrications so also human body. Thailams & Kuzhambu are effective in lubricating the body. They have special actions according to the herbal ingredients in them. Generally Thailams are prepared in the base of gingelly oil with decoction or juice and paste of medicines. These are used externally and sometimes internally.


Kashayams are herbal decoctions prepared by boiling medicines in water.


These are medicines dried and made into fine powder.


In powdered form, Bhasmams are prepared with minerals like iron and organic materials like corals etc., which are purified and oxidized into ashes with appropriate medicinal juices in a fire having dried cow- dung as fuel.


These are pills prepared after grinding medicines into fine paste and dried in the sun-shade. At the time of use they are powdered and taken with appropriate vehicle.


Jaggery Sugar or sugar candy are added to medicinal decoctions and made into a thick liquid by boiling. Some time Ghee and gingelly oil are added. Medicinal powders are used for making them into paste. After cooling honey is also added.


Medicated Ghritham are prepared with cow’s ghee in the same way as Thailams which are used internally.


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